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Run your whole house on Solar Power

A family in the US ( Illinois ) have decided to turn their house Green. They have installed 30 solar panel array to power their house, they are now off the grid….. Kinda!

“We’ve been thinking about solar panels for a while,” said homeowner Stephan Goulding. “We like to recycle.So, we like the fact that it’s going green.”

This could be a busy time for the Solar panel providers in the US as Solar Energy Industries Association reported a 67% growth in the solar power market last year also with an 8% drop in the cost of home installations.


If you don’t know what SRECS are : Solar Renewable Energy Credit
These are available in the USA and only in certain states but they are a great way for you to help pay your electricity bill.

For every megawatt-hour of power generated by the solar panels, a homeowner is given one Solar Renewable Energy Credit which they can use against their actually electricity bill.(Like I said , off the grid.. kinda)
So basically the power you generate from your panels is sent direct to the electricity company who then give you a discount on your bill.

A little example:

Mr. Goulding’s solar panels will provide close to seven SREC‘s per year. Where he lives,the going rate per SREC is $200. Annually thats $1400 close to the amount Mr Goulding spends on his electricity.
Does this mean he now lives in a Green house?.. (sorry for the bad joke)

For those of you who do live in the states, you can get up to 30% funding form from  your state to help you go green.

Imagine all house’s in the US has a setup half the size of Mr gouldings, what a change to the environment!

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